The online seminar is structured as follows:

  • Why do you smoke 
    (what's the real reason)?
  • Why is quitting so complicated?
  • How not to quit (e.g. smoking less,
    without conviction, substitute smoking,
    food, medication, etc.)
  • What DOES work and what to expect afterwards

We are not going to discuss the reasons why you should stop smoking. You already know all the reasons.
During this seminar, we will use the knowledge used by the tobacco industry to help you win.
What really happens to you when you smoke, for example. We will provide you with a two-step plan and 7 simple tasks.


quit smoking in just four hours
free a second time
we also help you after the course


You'll NEVER want to smoke another cigarette after one 4 hour seminar. When we attended this seminar ourselves, we didn't believe this was possible either.


We are convinced you'll never smoke again after this seminar. We even offer a money-back guarantee and you don't even have to tell us why you started smoking again. This seminar is also covered by basic health insurance. 


After the seminar, we will send everything we discussed to you via email, and we will include a phone number for emergencies (Monday-Saturday, go to our Contact page for details).


After registration you will receive a confirmation email with your chosen online course date and time, including the invoice for any claim from your health insurer.
24 hours before the start of the online course you will receive a reminder in your mailbox, so that you will not forget it, then you will receive an email 1 hour before the start with login details and instructions.
The morning after the course you will receive a complete reference book, including an emergency telephone number in case there are times when you have a little more difficulty with it.

If, after payment, you nevertheless decide to continue smoking, please send an E-mail with your name and course date no later than 8 hours before the start to 
then we will refund your participation costs to your account within 24 hours.
If for other reasons you cannot follow the online course on the registered date and time, do not register again on another date, but send an E-mail to 
with the new desired date, we will arrange the new registration and you will immediately receive the confirmation email including the login details.